WYSIWYG Web Builder – create a website without coding

I bought this program, and have some regrets. Working at a fairly simple level within WYSIWYG Web Builder, it works at advertised, and that is all that most people will need. However, importing anything is bad news. The program claims to import HTML, and indeed it does. However once you do that, then try to publish, the headaches begin. No matter how you play with imported content, no matter what the property menu says, and no matter what it looks like within the program, imported content once republished will not retain proper positioning or much formatting. Old fashioned cut and paste (which destroys all formatting) is the only reliable way to get content into this program. A second big issue is that long CSS text blocks in the program do bad things when they are published into a website. Since my own website has been growing for 15 years and is text intensive, using WYSIWYG Web Builder to give it a modern look has become a dubious process. Review details

I’ve used WYSIWYG Web Builder for several months now. During that time I’ve designed and uploaded three web pages with this program. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s loaded with every utility you would ever need in designing a web page, plus many other features. The interface is comfortable to work in and the FTP program is a breeze to use. Review details

I thought by going to Net Objects I was getting the best I could afford. But it has proved a tricky program to use. I often felt I had to look at the help file. Finally I decided enough was enough and looked round for something better. WYSIWYG Web Builder is not just better it is stunning. It is just like a word processor – just as easy plus every sort of add on you need – look at the Lightbox for example. The product is stunning, the price is stunning. I compared it with the Sourceforge products which are free. WYSIWYG Web Builder is worth every penny of the price. Highly recommended, try it out you will be convinced. Review details