RIP Intel Pentium and Celeron starting 2023: ‘Intel

Man, today is a sad day… Intel is retiring the Celeron and Pentium CPU brands, where it’s calling it an adjustment to product names moving into 2023 and beyond.

Intel will drop the Celeron and Pentium names for 2023 laptop CPUs with something called the new “Intel processor”, while sharpening its focus on flagship brands like Intel Core, Intel Evo, and Intel vPro. This new update only affects the mobile processors, but I’m sure we’re going to see some big changes for Intel CPUs in the coming months as the new 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” CPUs launch.


The new Intel Processor was introduced with this news, which will serve as the brand name for multiple processor families with Intel explaining it helps simplify the product purchase experience for consumers. Intel will continue to make its other processors like normal, with the new Intel Processor aimed at 2023 laptops.

Josh Newman, Intel vice president and interim general manager of Mobile Client Platforms explained: “Whether for work or play, the importance of the PC has only become more apparent as the torrid pace of technological development continues to shape the world. Intel is committed to driving innovation to benefit users, and our entry-level processor families have been crucial for raising the PC standard across all price points. The new Intel Processor branding will simplify our offerings so users can focus on choosing the right processor for their needs“.

It’s too bad, because I was a personal owner of countless Pentium CPUs over the decades and have fond memories of my overclocking days with the infamous Intel Celeron 300A. I had it cooled by the Golden Orb CPU cooler at the time, and had it overclocked from 300MHz up to 450MHz without a problem. Man, those were the days.

Recently, we heard about the Intel Tejas Project: a totally insane Pentium 5 processor at 7GHz up to 10GHz, which you can read more about here.