McAfee launches new all-encompassing privacy and identity

The McAfee name is one that has been somewhat tainted by the activities of John McAfee, but it is one that also remains firmly associated with security. The company has just announced a new product line called McAfee+, available in three tiers, that includes an unlimited VPN at all levels.

Currently only available to users in the US, McAfee+ has Premium, Advanced and Ultimate options, each of which have Individual and Family variants, with prices ranging from $49.99 to $219.99 per year.

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The most basic edition, Premium, includes a firewall and antivirus tool, as well as identity monitoring and a password manager. There is also a Personal Data Cleanup scan that can be used to determine where your personal data is stored online. Moving up to the Advanced level, these scans go further and will allow for the removal of data from many sites.

Also included for Advanced subscribers is $1 million of identity theft coverage and access to identity restoration experts. In addition to credit monitoring and monthly credit score reports, there is also a security freeze feature that blocks the creation of new accounts, and blocking access to existing ones.

The top tier, McAfee+ Ultimate, increases the number of credit bureaus used for credit monitoring, and adds $25,000 of ransomware coverage.

Gagan Singh, executive vice president and chief product and revenue officer at McAfee, says:

As the internet has become an increasing part of consumers’ daily lives there is growing concern about the amount of personal data that is accessible to bad actors and a lack of understanding about how to remove and secure personal information. McAfee+ is designed to deliver against those trends and threats, by helping users be more protected against identity breaches and proactively removing their information from the web to minimize future threats.

More information about McAfee+ is available here.

Image credit: Monticello / depositphotos