LIAN LI SP850 is an 850W SFX power supply with 12VHPWR cable

Power supply units are arguably the unsung heroes of computer builds. They aren’t very exciting, and they don’t necessarily add to performance, but make no mistake — having a quality PSU maters. A low-quality power supply can lead to system instability, and even worse, fires. Yeah, it is never worth it to choose a PSU from an unknown manufacturer.

LIAN LI is a very trustworthy and respected manufacturer of power supplies, and today, it launches its latest. Called “SP850,” this is an 850W SFX power supply that comes with the latest-and-greatest 12VHPWR cable, making you ready for the newest cards. The modular PSU even comes in both white and black colors so you can make it look good in most computer builds.

“Sharing the same aluminum housing as the previously launched SP750, the 80 PLUS Gold certified SP850 is perfect for future-proofing small form factor builds for power-hungry components. Built with high-quality premium 100 percent Japanese capacitors, the SP850 offers quiet reliable performance with zero RPM mode under 40 percent load. With an included 400mm, 16 AWG thick 12VHPWR PCIe 5.0 compatible connector capable of delivering up to 400W, the SP850 provides adequate power for the latest GPUs, and prepares users for any next-gen upgrades,” says LIAN LI.

The company adds, “The SP850 now features a 92mm hydraulic bearing fan that stays at zero RPM until the unit reaches 40 load or 60°C ambient temperature. Even as the fan gradually increases speed, it maintains a maximum noise level of 40.6 dBA at 2800 RPM. LIAN LI has now improved their SFX PSU lineup even more, as the SP850 delivers 91.55 percent power efficiency at 50 percent load, which exceeds the 80 PLUS GOLD standard of 90 percent efficiency at the same load. Protection features have also been improved, with the SP850 now featuring an additional inrush current limiter.”

LIAN LI shares specifications below.

Model SP850
Dimensions (D x W x H) 100mm x 63.5mm x 125mm
Power Supply Design Fully modular
Color Black / White
Form Factor SFX
Certification 80 PLUS Gold
Max. DC Output 850W
Combined +3.3V & +5V 100W
Combined +12V 840W
Input Voltage 100 ~ 240 Vrms
Input Frequency Range 50Hz – 60Hz
PFC Active PFC (PF)>0.90 at full load
Efficiency 93.53% MAX
Protective Circuit OCP OVP OTP OPP SCP UVP
Connectors 1 x 24/20-Pin motherboard connector (300mm) x1pcs
1 x 8/4+4 Pin CPU/ATX 12V connector (600mm) x2pcs
1 x 8/6+2 Pin PCle connector (400mm) x1pcs
2 x 8/6+2 Pin PCle connector (400mm-120mm) x1pcs
4 x SATA connector (120mm120mm-120mm-120mm) x2pcs
4 x 4-Pin Peripheral connector (120mm-120mm-120mm- 120mm) x1pcs
1 x 12VHPWR 8P*2 to 12P (400mm) x1pcs
Noise Level 17.1 – 40.6 dBA
Fan RPM 1000-2800 RPM
Bearing Type HYB
Warranty 5 Years

The LIAN LI SP850 modular power supply unit can be purchased here immediately. The PSU is currently selling for about $160, with the price being the same for both the black and white variants.

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