Image for Windows – hard drive imaging tool

Once the many options are waded through and you discover the default settings are the ones to use,IFW is pleasantly simple to use. It has proved 100 reliable and is fast in use. The recommended recovery disk is the GUI version of Image for DOS,which loads almost instantly and makes recovery probably the fastest. Whilst others are still loading,the job has almost finished. Pricing very reasonable and with excellent support. Review details

Comes with a Linux and a DOS version also. I like the Linux version on a bootable CD that it creates for you. It images everything (Windows, Linux, DOS, Data) so don’t let the word Linux scare you away. You can image the drive while it’s not being used for anything else. It doesn’t “fake” validation of an image that might be corrupt. During imaging, it will check byte-for-byte to let you know if something is wrong so you can fix it and that’s the feature that has sold me. The DOS version won’t work with a USB keyboard if you use a USB hard disk or USB optical disc in the process. The Linux version does not have this limitation. When operating from the bootable CD, the interface is graphically crude and there’s no mouse functionality but that diverts power to the process so that it is fast and reliable. All you need can be done from the keyboard alone. All imaging software packages require intimate computer knowledge. Review details

My 2007 review was for IFW version 1.70 C. I have upgraded to V2 and still is – at least for myself – the King of imaging software. Added functionalities – differential back’ups – and a lot more,- backups can now be scheduled besides a lot of new features – makes IFW even a better solution for those hazerdeous days when we have to revert our system due to any failure . I have tried DriveImage XML but never got a lock on the drive, even with Volume Shadow Copy enabled. And on top of this all, Terabyte support is as excellent as the software itself: just got answers in minutes, even on a week-end, and very helpfull as well. Topnotch softyware with topnotch support. Thank you very much. Review details