hard drive info and health monitoring

Standalone utility which does what it is suppose to do very well. A bit technical but the bottom line is to check your drive health quickly. The program does support AHCI at least with my AMD motherboard and 785G chipset.

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First off, it’s stand alone, very quick info time. I have 3 hard drives, all Sata, recognized all 3.

Gives decent information on drives, shows temp, status “good” or “bad”. You can choose drives to view by clicking on the buttons which are nicely labeled. There are some minor theme tweaks like zoom, well, I think that was the only one.

You can have the info emailed in case of alert (which I can’t get to work) likely due to being Windows Live Mail IMHO.

All in all this is a very well put together disk information softare. Easy to read, easy on the eyes, easy to use and FREE.

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If your drives are configured in AHCI mode, this software does not recognize them. I have used this program frequently when it was a standalone to check PATA drives, and it is very good, but since PATA drives are being phased out rather quickly now, the author should focus on making this program compatible with SATA drives running in serial mode.

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