FileLocator Pro – find files on your PC

Contains many unique and advanced features like search inside compressed files of various formats, search inside documents, search inside email, scripting, and more.
But, an average user will not use those advanced features at all most of the time.
Also it searching very slowly.
I would prefer free fast search tools like Everything or MasterSeeker for everyday use over this one unless I really need one of those advanced features.

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I have this and I still haven’t touched all the options. If you want an in-depth customized search for anything on your pc, this will do it. You can choose numerous options like lines per search, types of files, date of files, the list goes on and on.

I have the X64 version and let me say, if you have a decent PC at all, or even if not, I have shut off Windows Search so the indexing isn’t running all the time, save resources,(although I shut it off anyway) and this will find things extremely quick, almost instantly with X64.

Now, I have a large amount of files to search so I can actually use most of the features at times. Agent Ransack is it’s scaled down free version which is still awesome for those who only need quick searching and not extreme amounts of options, although Agent Ransack does have a lot as well and I used it for a long time.

When it comes to searching, I’m sorry, I’ve tried a lot of others over the years and no one has it down like Mythicsoft. It’s easy to use, yet packed full of options, fast searches, simply the best in my opinion.

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