Eco Friendly Email Using Microsoft Hosted Exchange

You might wonder, email already is ecofriendly since it reduces dependency on paper then why are we even talking about a ecofriendly mail. Yes it is correct that conventional email is better in many ways compared to a regular mail but it requires severs which directly relate to increases in greenhouse gases.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange is a pioneering enterprise class messaging system which is presently used by more than 165 million people worldwide.

It renders a wide range of capabilities such as email, calendaring, task management and quick access to shared repositories.

Ever since its advent back in 1996, Hosted Exchange has seen several upgrades to make it equipped with additional state of the art features. Hosted Exchange is a viable option for those individuals that want to harness the power of an Exchange Server but don’t want to pay for a full server license, buy the appropriate hardware and deal with the maintenance.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange VS. In House Exchange Server-

There are several reasons why Microsoft Hosted Exchange scores better than the traditional in house exchange server.

Email Access On The Go-

Mobility is very important these days and it helps you can access your email, address book and calendar on the go – anytime, anywhere. ActiveSync for exchange keeps you updated with real time synchronization.

Reduced Costs-

Lowered software and infrastructure costs is another remarkable benefit of the Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Prices are predictable and you do not need to worry about breakdowns and unforeseen maintenance costs. This makes your IT budgeting easier and more consistent. You can also go for additional mail boxes as your business blossoms.

Minimum Disruption and Downtime-

Email is a very critical tool without which an organization will find it very hard to communicate with all the important stakeholders. MS hosted exchange ensures minimum downtime to help you focus better on your business without having to worry about disruptions. This also results in increased productivity.


Multi layered anti spam filtering, Data Loss Prevention, enterprise class anti- viruses and message encryption ensures that your emails are safe from any sort of unauthorized access. It helps you maintain the latest defenses against malware and spam with a service that handles hundreds of millions of messages around the world every day and is updated to address new malware and spam threats quickly. The data is safeguarded by hosting it one geographically distributed data centers, with continuous data backup, premier disaster recovery capabilities, and security experts monitoring Exchange Online around the clock.