Download SSuite NetSurfer Web Browser

SSuite NetSurfer Web Browser is a privacy-minded browser that runs via WebView2 runtime control (the internal web engine of Microsoft’s Edge browser) and is designed to ensure no tracking, data collection, etc., occurs while you are browsing.

It has been said that Google now employs ex-US intelligence agents for assistance with data collection; this is a concern for anyone utilizing their services for browsing, etc. So, in response, SSuite decided to craft a browser of their own to help circumvent these practices. This browser runs directly off of WebView2 runtime control. For security reasons, SSuite NetSurfer Web Browser does not support extensions.

SSuite NetSurfer Web Browser is capable of blocking social media and site trackers as well as cookie management. It also includes a private mode function that provides complete data collection and tracking protection.

Upon seeing some comments from MajorGeeks users, SSuite Netsurfer Web Browser’s author has added an internal ad-blocker option to the app.

If you are looking for a straightforward privacy-oriented alternative browser, give SSuite NetSurfer Web Browser a shot and browse as privately as possible.


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  • Editor’s Note:
    Make sure the WebView2 control is installed on your system; if not, or you don’t wish to have Microsoft’s Edge browser installed, simply download and install the WebView2 runtime control. This will then enable NetSurfer to run perfectly on your system. The WebView2 installer is also included in the portable version.