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Secure File Deleter allows you to completely and securely delete selected files from your system.

As you know, when you delete a file or folder, it’s still possible to recover it, even when you have placed it in the recycle bin and emptied it. Secure File Deleter is explicitly designed to prevent the recovery of those deleted items by replacing the contents with random data or via military-grade cryptography algorithms. You have the choice of an astronomical amount of security algorithms for data destruction. The program can write a combination of ones and zeroes onto each sector of your hard drive or use various other characters rendering the target data useless.

Secure File Deleter uses the following cryptographic security algorithms for file deletion and shredding – DOD_5220.22_M, the Peter Gutman method, GOST_R_50739_95 which is widely used in different security systems in Russia, RCMP_TSSIT_OPS_II, the Schneier Method, German VSITR which is employed by Germany security systems as well as in other EU countries. It also uses the British standard HMG_Infosec_Standard_5, US Army AR380_19, US Air Force 5020, cryptographic pseudo-random number generator CPRNG, and random characters written to random places of the file.

Secure File Deleter Features:

  • Secure File Deletion – Files deleted using this program will be unrecoverable.
  • Real Protection – You will be physically protected from any unwanted recovery of your private files.


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  • Limitations:
    Places additional desktop shortcut back to CyRobo website. The free version includes the above features. Price for Pro is $14.95 and includes the following additional features:

  • Additional Security Algorithms – Choose any level of security: from basics to real military standards, which are used by the Army, FBI, and CIA.
  • Useful additional options – Access to many options located throughout the program. Provides maximum convenience and security to users of this app.
  • Interface improvements – Access to the additional options to customize the look and style of the program.
  • Priority Support – Get help much faster! Paying customers always have the highest priority on the ticket servicing queue.