Data Recovery Review – Dataquest International


I recently used DQ INT’s services to perform a recovery on my 2013 iMac. I suffered a HD failure (I thought the drive was backed up but to my horror wasn’t!) Photos, documents…the lot. All stored on the main HD which failed. After weeks of forum searching and attempting to repair the faults I gave up and realised I would have to go down the data recovery road, which isn’t what I wanted to do but felt I had no choice as I wanted my files back. What made matters worse is that the drive that failed was one of Apple’s fusion drives, which apparently are harder to recover files from. With this in mind I was already dubious about data recovery even working.

Upon initial research I discovered very quickly that the world of data recovery is very tricky and lucrative as there are loads of companies each providing differing services at high costs, with no guarantee of recovering any files. On top of this a lot of companies have varying reviews; some websites even calling certain companies ‘scammers’ and posting fake reviews in hope of reeling in easy targets. I got in contact with 2 of the bigger companies as they were amongst the first to come up on google (Fields and Ontrack). I found the way they operate very questionable as a lot of the information they provide is confusing and unclear as to exactly who will take care of your query, where the work will be done, what will be done and possible outcomes. I feel this is one of those areas that everything has to be transparent as a huge amount of trust is placed in the transaction. As computers hold a lot of personal files and information, to give it up for an expensive data recovery is attempt is something I believe needs to be done with care, honesty, a thorough explanation and personal customer service. This was all delivered to me by John Wilson at DQ INT.

I found the site upon widening my google search to the whole of England, starting with the south coast as I knew I could travel there easily. From our initial call I got the impression that John and his team would do their best to recover all my missing files. He explained that he had recovered files from a fusion drive before and explained everything that he and his team would do to recover the files. He was very honest about how the work would be done and gave off a very friendly and professional feeling. The prices were also very reasonable; the best I had seen after weeks of enquiries. He organised a courier to meet me to collect the system, and begun work on it soon after receiving it. Throughout the whole process I was given weekly updates via phone and email; explaining exactly where the process was, what was happening and generally keeping me in the know. This was greatly appreciated as I felt there was a trust between myself and John. This eliminated any stress/worries that I may have had.

Low and behold, after a few months (the process took a little while as the recovery was very extensive) I was greeted with the news that all my files had been recovered. I was absolutely astounded. I organised pickup soon after to which I had the chance to meet John in person. I cannot describe what a lovely person he is. He and his team had extracted all my files and put them onto a 1TB passport drive for me to then backup and extract.

Words cannot describe how great the service was, I can only say should you ever have be unfortunate to suffer data loss, make sure you contact DQ INT and use them as your first point of call. A* from start to finish!