CrowPi-L Raspberry Pi laptop review

CrowPi-L: 30 second Review 

This is a deja-vu for Elecrow with a laptop based on the much-beloved Raspberry Pi (opens in new tab) platform. What is special about this edition is that it is more streamlined compared to the CrowPi2 (opens in new tab) notebook, with a focus on just being a basic laptop instead of an intricate development kit that includes a laptop. Elecrow is successful in doing so and the CrowPi-L is a programming laptop that even small kids can use.

Being a kit, the assembly process is a breeze taking only a couple of minutes to complete. The cooling system is underpowered while the LCD resolution is on the low end. Still, the CrowPi-L can perform adequately as an IoT debugging PC or an ARM development system, thus departing from its initial mandate of being a learning tool.

CrowPi-L: Pricing and availability 

The CrowPi-L (opens in new tab) laptop comes in two flavors. The Basic kit contains only the computer and hardware accessories while the Advanced kit includes the Basic kit and adds a breakout board for the Pi’s GPIOs and a starter kit box that contains 22 electronic modules. Both versions can be purchased with or without a Raspberry Pi board. When bought with the Pi, only two Pi models are available, either 4GB or 8GB RAM. The CrowPi-L Basic kit without Pi costs $203.15 (opens in new tab) while the Advanced kit with the 8GB Pi costs $360.15. Shipping and taxes are excluded.

CrowPi-L Raspberry Pi laptop left side

(Image credit: Future)