Download MiTeC Windows Registry Recovery

MiTeC Windows Registry Recovery is a freeware utility designed to allow for the extraction and reading of Windows registry hive files.

MiTeC Windows Registry Recovery can extract useful information about a host machine’s configuration and windows installation settings. The registry hive is permitted to be exported into REGEDIT4 format, and every topic data can be saved to CSV file format.

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Download Duplicate Files Search & Link

Duplicate Files Search & Link is a freeware app designed to quickly search out duplicate files, NTFS hard links, and any symbolic links to the same file.

Duplicate Files Search & Link will search all duplicate file contents regardless of the file name (an accurate byte-to-byte comparison is used). It will then permit you to delete the found duplicate files

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Download Windows 11 Manager – MajorGeeks

Windows 11 Manager provides an all-in-one system utility for enhancing Windows 11.

Windows 11 Manager includes over forty utilities that will optimize, tweak, clean up, speed up and repair your Windows 11. They will also help to make your system perform faster, eliminate system faults, increase stability and security. You have the power to personalize your copy of Windows 11,

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LastPass reveals details of August hack that gave threat

Last month, LastPass suffered a cyberattack and the company shared some details about what had happened shortly afterwards. Now, having conducted further investigations, more information has been revealed including the fact that the attacker had access to the LastPass development environment for four days.

The company concedes that it is not clear how the attacker was able to gain access

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