Data Recovery

Ingesting data into Azure Synapse Data Explorer Pool

In this article, we will learn how to configure a newly created Data Explorer pool in Azure Synapse followed by data ingestion into the same pool.


In my previous article, Getting started with Data Explorer pools in Azure Synapse, we learned how to create Data Explorer pools in Azure Synapse and the unique value that Data Explorer

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Data Recovery Review – Dataquest International


I recently used DQ INT’s services to perform a recovery on my 2013 iMac. I suffered a HD failure (I thought the drive was backed up but to my horror wasn’t!) Photos, documents…the lot. All stored on the main HD which failed. After weeks of forum searching and attempting to repair the faults I

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Getting started with Azure SQL Managed Instance


In the previous article, Getting started with Azure SQL, we learned the basics to create an Azure SQL database.

Azure SQL is a nice option to easily have a database in Azure and at an accessible price. However, sometimes we need more features that we have in our SQL Server on-premises that we do not have in

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Deploy Azure SQL Elastic Pools for Azure SQL Database

This article gives an overview and deployment steps for SQL Elastic Pool for Azure SQL database.

Requirement of SQL Elastic Pools

Suppose you got a business requirement to configure multiple Azure SQL Databases for different customers. Usually, you deploy a single database for each customer, and each database has its service tiers, resources. It is challenging to predict

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Install SQL Server on CentOS

In this article, we will understand how we can manage a SQL Database in CentOS 8.0. This article is the first article on the topic Manage SQL Server on CentOS.

  1. Step-by-step Installation of SQL Server and client tools in CentOS

  2. Create and connect to the SQL Database

I have created a virtual machine on

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