China’s first dedicated gaming GPU will launch in 2025 made

It looks like the Chinese GPU market is about to get an interesting domestic, and international hopefully, series of graphics cards from Shanghai-based Muxi. Muxi is expected to launch China’s first GPU dedicated for gaming by 2025.

Muxi, or Muxi Integrated Circuit Shanghai Co Ltd, is a chipmaker based out of Shanghai in China, was formed in 2020 and has

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Lenovo’s new GeForce RTX 4090 pictured, and man… it’s

NVIDIA’s next-gen flagship GeForce RTX 4090 is no stranger to the world at this point, and it hasn’t even been announced yet… but Lenovo is forging ahead showing off its monster new GeForce RTX 4090 LEGION graphics card.

The new quad-slot Ada Lovelace beast was teased by Wolfstame, the Lenovo China Gaming Desktop Product Planning Manager, with some photos of

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With $70 games & rising PS5 costs, Sony’s pro-gamer words

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has pledged to do what is best for PlayStation gamers, but the company’s current consumer-facing trends are more favorable for the company as a whole.


Sony management has publicly opposed Microsoft’s buyout of Activision-Blizzard. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has outright said that “giving Microsoft control of Activision

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Segmented Map, a Compromise Between Flat Map and std::map

This article provides and implementation of a container, called segmented map, which is almost as fast as flat map in random access and enumeration of elements and close to std::map in insertion of elements. The source code is written in C++17 and can be compiled in any C++17 compiler. Benchmarks with the “int-double” and “string-string” key-value pairs are provided for … Read More