Animated GIF Maker and Editor

Animated GIF Maker and Editor

Honeycam makes it easy to create GIF animations by capturing a specific part of a video clip. Simply drag the recording frame over the video that you want to record from and then click the Start/Stop button to capture the scene you want to save as animation.

Once you have captured the scene, you can remove any unwanted frames and also choose from several adjustments and filter options to tweak the appearance of your animation.

Since GIF animations tend to be large in file size, Honeycam offers some options to reduce the file size by resizing the dimensions and skipping frames. Unfortunately it lacks color and palette optimization features, which would allow for even smaller file sizes.

In addition to GIF, the program can also save your animation in WebP and WebM formats, which have more compression efficiency but are not universally supported by all browsers.


Trial Limitations:

Watermark added, recording time is limited to 10 seconds.