Month: June 2022

Incredibuild powers up with $35M to boost its distributed,

Incredibuild, an Israeli startup that has picked up a lot of traction in the worlds of gaming and software development for a platform that drastically speeds up (and reduces the cost of) the shipment of code and related collateral during building and testing — has raised some capital to speed up its own development. The company has picked up $35

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SolarWinds creates new software build system in wake of

SolarWinds became the poster child for attacks on software supply chains last year when a group of threat actors injected malicious code known as Sunburst into the company’s software development system. It was subsequently distributed through an upgrade to it Orion product to thousands of government and enterprise customers worldwide.

SolarWinds learned from the experience and has introduced new software

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Best laptops for programming | PCWorld

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Trezor Model T Review | The Ascent by Motley Fool

Top perks

Cold storage for maximum security

In terms of security, the Trezor Model T is about as good as it gets. Since it’s a hardware wallet, it uses cold storage, meaning your private crypto keys are kept offline. That eliminates the risk of your wallet being hacked. Trezor also has an excellent reputation, and its wallets are known for

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New Windows Phishing Method gives attackers access to

The rise of two-factor authentication added a new layer of security to the authentication process on the Internet. Attacks designed to steal user credentials are still common, but many fall short because access to user accounts is not granted without the second verification step.

Users need to enter a code, use a hardware device or an application to complete the

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